Ahead of the upcoming Calculation camp

Hello everyone,

Hope you are doing well. Please check your timings for the coming lessons, as the UK enters summertime tonight and the class on Conceptual Rook Endings has been moved an hour forward to 5pm London time tomorrow, Sunday.

Sam is playing in Berlin. He missed a win in round 3, which would have given him the lead. Instead, he is sharing the lead with all the other players at 2/4. It is not the only group where this is happening. Boris is playing in Montenegro and no doubt a number of our students are playing in Delhi Open. Please share your results on the Forum! We care!

Next week we will have the 5 day Foundations of Calculation. Hopefully, a lot of you will recognise a lot of the ideas from our ongoing classes, but will still benefit from attending the camp.

As always, we will run the camp on two levels. A camp open to all members and an in-depth camp for those wishing to go deeper.

The current title of the 5 days for the first hour will be called something like:

1. (Wed) What is Calculation?

2. (Thur) Training Calculation

3. (Fri) Long Variations?

4. (Sat) Defence

5. (Sun) Common Mistakes

The in-depth camp of 2-2.5 hours taking place after a short break will be called something like:

(W) Imagination, Combinations, tactics

(T) Comparison, Intermediate Moves, Move orders

(F) Prophylaxis, Traps and Tricks

(S) Elimination

(S) Practical Examples

Jacob will always aim to focus on whatever is working best at any moment during the camp.

He will also start checking the games sent by participants in the in-depth camp over the next few days. This will greatly affect the focus on the in-depth camp.

After the camp, Jacob will make a few files with training material available on chesstempo for the month of April, training calculation. These are for those who want to work independently. Our recommendation is to focus on Homework Club first, but if you want to work on what we discussed in the camp, you will have the chance to do this throughout April.

There is still time if you want to join the camp. It’s free for yearly membership sign up and renewals, €129 for yearly members.

Have you been playing? Let us know in the forum! That includes future tournaments, which makes it possible to meet up with other members in person 🙂

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,

Sam, Kallia and Jacob

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