Newsletter 21st March

Hello everyone,

 Next week we will have the Foundations of Calculation online camp from Wednesday 30th March to Sunday 3rd April. You can find more information about the camp here.
We welcome Mykhaylo Oleksiyenko to the academy. On Thursday he had the first class in his course on “Strategic Goals achieved by Tactics”.
The newsletter on chesstempo is lacking the games from the new course of the “Style of the 2022 Candidates” by Sabino Brunello, as he had a computer meltdown. We will include them next week, hopefully.
A lot of the members of the academy have been in action. Shahil, Manish, Arshiya, and Aradhya all participated in the Guwahati GM open, finishing Sunday. Shahil and Manish will want to forget about the tournament entirely, while it was a big success for Arshiya and Aradhya. We saw in last week’s newsletter on chesstempo how Arshiya came close to beating an IM in the first round. She continued with strong play and ended with a +112 rating harvest.
The biggest success came to Aradhya Garg, who came 4th with 8/10, exceeding the IM-norm by half a point. His last-round fighting victory can be found here.
A few members played in Charlotte, North Carolina, where five round robins were played at the same time.
Doug Eckert made 4/9, beating GM Zapata. Towards the end of the tournament, he got tired after an opponent slightly unsportingly played on forever in a rook and 3 pawns vs rook and 3 dead-drawn ending. A few quick draws followed.
Ryo Chen and Andy Woodward both played in the same round-robin Ryo struggled and with 3/9 took a bit of a beating. Andy played well, but could not make the IM-norm after a Round 1 defeat. With 6½ from 9 he was half a point short, but still collected a lot of nice rating points.
Tarun played in the Irish National Team Championship and made a 2600 performance with 8/9 and thus finished his IM title. Trisha, his sister, made 5½ and a 2341 performance but will be double disappointed. Not only will she have to listen to hear her brother’s happiness, but she also contributed to it, by losing to him 😊. We are still trying to find out if it constituted a WGM norm for her.

Hans is doing well in some random Internet tournament on chess24 and has great chances of qualifying for the playoffs.

Tomorrow, Sam will play the first round in Berlin, 2 pm London time.

Boris is 7th seed in a tournament in Montenegro, starting today. He started with three draws.

What are your news? Have you been playing? We look forward to hearing all about it in the forum!

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,
Sam, Kallia, and Jacob

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