Newsletter no 7 for ChessTempo

Dariusz, Hans, and Christopher are in action in St Louis. Kushal, Arshiya, and Shahil played the Indian nationals, and Kushal and Arshiya also played the Indian juniors, which is our definition of wanting to lose rating points, but both went away as gainers.
Sam was sadly eliminated from the Grand Prix after a so-so performance. Still, he gained 5 rating points. He will play again in Berlin in a few weeks.
Doug will play an IM tournament in Charlotte, Andre will play the European. Jacob will play in the Danish League and most of you will hopefully play as well. Please put your results and interesting positions on the Forum.

The 15-hour Calculation camp with Jacob will be from the 30th March – to 3rd April. 5 hours free for all members, 10 hours add-on for those who want to go deeper. €129 for members, free for renewals.

Tonight we have a class with Gawain Jones, (feel free to invite your friends) presenting his new book for Quality Chess on the King’s Indian (an edited and slightly expanded version of his Chessable course). On Saturday John Hartman returns with useful information on how to use ChessBase. Next week we will have a lot of classes, keep an eye on the calendar. A few things are likely to be changed/added.

In the ChessTempo newsletter, you will find the games from all of Michael Adam’s classes so far, as well as for Julen’s classes 4-5 March and the Conceptual Rook endings class on the 6th March. The games for The Style of the World Champions and other classes have been uploaded separately.

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,
Sam, Kallia, and Jacob

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