New Camp: Calculation Foundations

sam shankland is solving a chess position by Jacob Aagaard
From Wednesday 30th March till Sunday 3rd April www.killerchesstraining.com will present a training camp on the Foundations of Effective Calculation in Chess with GM Jacob Aagaard.
The themes will include, but not be limited to:
  • The purpose of decision making
  • Defining calculation
  • Intuition and calculation – the two thinking methods
  • Slow down!
  • Visualization
  • When should you calculate
  • When should you stop calculating
  • Impulse control
  • Resistance
  • Long variations – what are they good for?
  • Common mistakes
  • Calculation mistakes from famous grandmasters

If anyone wants to submit one or two games to GM Jacob Aagaard for possible consideration, it can be done through our dedicated camps email (info on the forum).
Remember to mark clearly which position you are interested in the approach to and your specific question.

The schedule will be:

17.00-18.00 The foundation lesson (free to all members of Killer Chess Training)

18.10-19.10 In depth camp class (add-on)

19.20-20.20 In depth camp class (add-on)

The breaks and finish time are estimates

Although a lot of the themes in the camp will be familiar to the members of our academy already, it will use material that has not previously been used in the academy or published in books.

The recorded video classes will be available long-term for streaming on our website for paying participants (guaranteed for 2 years).

Cost for participation:

€278 for non-members of Killer Chess Training. This includes a monthly membership to the academy, which can be upgraded to a yearly membership with a voucher for €665 if you find that the academy is the right fit for you. (VAT included)

€129 for members (VAT included)

Free for those purchasing a yearly membership between March 1st and April 3rd. This includes renewals, even if your membership is not up for renewal anytime soon.

By the camp here! By a yearly membership here.

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