Newsletter 01 March 2022 – Chess Dojo stream

Dear Killer Chess Training members,
Submissions to homework club dropped significantly this week. It seems that people have been busy with something else. Hopefully playing chess, but watching TV is more likely what happened…
Killer Chess Training is a chess academy and have no political views. We do not require anyone to agree with any of our views, nor do we agree with each other most of the time. The same is the case with our cousin company Quality Chess.
However, as individuals we do have political views. And we will express them as individuals, not in or through our workplace.
With current events, we took a small digression from this point of view. Killer Chess Training donated 24-hour sales of our courses and one monthly membership for auction in an online stream. Through Quality Chess signed books and a Yusupov box set was also put up for auction. All proceeds went to humanitarian efforts to help Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion. The live stream, organised by our friend at Chess Dojo, Kostya Kavutskiy raised over $11,000. We will participate in further streams with Chess Dojo going forward no doubt. First one tonight at around 09:45 PST.
While we will not as an academy discuss politics or express any views, we felt that it was within our code to provide people fleeing from war with aid, and that it does not include the academy taking sides in this war. To whoever want to contribute to a non-military fundraiser, click here.
For those wondering, we have privately sent our love to friends in Russia, as well as in Ukraine.
Today Sam Shankland will play in the Grand Prix in Belgrade. His pairing for the group stages could not have been better. We will follow his games closely.
Meanwhile a lot of our friends are playing in the Indian Championships. Some of them are our members. After the event ends, we will try to work out how each one did. For now, we are with you!
Hopefully a lot of you will be playing chess in the near future too. Let us know about it.
Saturday, we had a playing position and a promise of putting up the solution video on Sunday. It will be up later today. Apologies for the delay.
We also had a four-day camp with Ivan Sokolov. We will have material on chess tempo hopefully tomorrow. Ivan was traveling today and also have training sessions in the afternoon.
A black repertoire against the Torre and the first of the black against Trompowsky files have been uploaded on chess tempo.
The one session last week not already covered by uploaded material on chess tempo was a session with Sabino Brunello on The Style of the World Champions. We will get an updated file up on Thursday or Friday, after Sabino’s next lesson.
We will put up the text for the next camp on Calculation (30/3 – 3/4) tonight or tomorrow.
Stay safe,
Your friends at Killer Chess Training
Kallia, Sam and Jacob

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