Pawn Structures in the Middlegame

Hi guys,

Hope you are all doing well.

There is still time to sign up for the Sokolov camp, starting on Thursday, Pawn Structures in the Middlegame.

Over the weekend we will have two other events.
Saturday night there will be a playing position simul against GM Jacob Aagaard at 21.00 UK time. After the simul, Jacob will record a video with the solution to the position (not live), which will be available within a few hours on our website.
Jacob will also play a traditional simul with 30+10 time control Sunday morning at 9.30 UK time.

The requirements are the same as always to play:

  • You have to have a lichess account (that has never violated their fair play standards).
  • You have to sign up to our account Killer Chess Training Simuls, GIVING YOUR NAME AND KCT MEMBERSHIP EMAIL! to enter.
  • When the simul starts, you have to apply to enter and will be let in. Don’t close the browser window, once you have, or you will drop out.

Our team can be found here: https://lichess.org/team/killer-chess-training-simul

Elsewhere Christopher Yoo won the Southwest Class 2022 with 7.5/9, including a nice 13 rating points. He is thus forgiven for having missed his homework.

Muskee Books shared on the forum about his recent success at Baltimore Open Tying for first in U2100 within a couple of weeks of signing up! And of course, his very enjoyable conversation with Dr. Scull during his interview on the Chess Journeys Podcast.

This week’s Newsletter on chesstempo has a game from Sam’s recent class, five examples from Thinking Aloud that Renier presented to Dariusz, three examples from Julen’s recent class, three positions from Jacob’s rook endgame class on Sunday. Finally, Dariusz presented Renier with three positions on Thursday, and they are also included.

The Homework files will be uploaded tomorrow, make sure you ring the bell on this thread, to be notified exactly when Kallia uploads them.

Hope you have a good week with lots of chess!

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,
Sam, Kallia, and Jacob

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