Christmas Camp and Christmas present for ALL members!

The Blitz Championship is underway!

The first heat of the 2021/22 Blitz Championship is underway and in January follows the Bullet Championship. In order to play, you will need to be a member of the academy at the time you enter the tournament. If your membership expires in the middle of the tournament, you do not need to renew in order to play.

See the tournament here and the rest of the tournaments scheduled here.

There are five more heats to go. The next two are played on Saturday the 18th – London time. Dariusz Swiercz won the first heat. Entered into heat 2 is Sam Shankland and into heat 3 is Jacob Aagaard. Renier will also participate and of course a lot of strong members of the academy.

Click here to enter.
Remember to include your name, your FIDE rating, and your membership email in the application.

Member tournament results

GM Sabino Brunello had a decent Italian Championship with 7/11 and won 10 rating points.
In a weekend tournament in New York, IM Christopher Yoo won the few rating points he needed to become a Grandmaster at the age of 14 years and 11 months.
18-year old GM Hans Niemann entered the top 100 this week.

A member who wishes to remain unnamed finished second in their state championship.

Arshiya played a FIDE-rated tournament and she won 27 rating points.

Please, share your results on the forum! We want to learn how well you are doing!

12 Days of Bloody Christmas 2021

This year’s approximately 50 hours of attacking chess will start on the 22nd of December. As with last year, the first hour will be free for all members, while it will cost an additional €149 for members to participate in the in-depth lessons. Notice that the breaks will not be exactly on the scheduled time each day and some lessons may go past the announced endpoint.
If you want to participate, you need to enter as soon as possible, especially as we will ask for you to contribute with up to 5 games of your own for discussion.
The attacking principles will not be different from last year, but none of the same games will feature.
Click HERE for more information and to enter.

Chess Tempo upgraded Killer Chess Training GOLD membership

Our “less than half price” offer of yearly memberships for Chesstempo.com is up and functioning well. At €15 you will get a full 1-year gold membership to the website, as well as be on our mailing list for chess materials from classes (not all – we will build towards “most/many”) straight into your account, as long as you are a KCT member. The pgn-based books for Wacky Openings and Homework Week 61 have just been distributed to all who have signed up.

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We are here to help

Remember, if something is not working as you expect it, let us know. We do our best to make this academy function well for you and to provide affordable chess training of high quality. Last week we had a glitch that meant that the updating and improvement of our server, scheduled to take a few hours, took a day and a half. Thank you for your patience in that process.

A Christmas present for all of you!

Thank you for recommending us to your friends, thank you for being great students, and thank you for making this academy your and our happy place!
We have given access to every member of the Academy to the basic recordings of Bloody Christmas 2020 until Christmas day!

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