Chess Tempo, Server update, Sam Shankland

Chess Tempo upgraded Killer Chess Training GOLD membership

We always aim to improve the academy, and this is another huge step in this direction.

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Server Upgrade

We will do some work on Thursday the 9th of December at 06:00 (yes, that is 6 in the morning UK time) and the site will be unavailable for a few hours. If, by any chance, it’s not back in time for the class with GM Jacob Aagaard at 10:00, this is the meeting ID to join the class: 829 7337 5493

Sam Shankland classes

Don’t miss the two classes with GM Sam Shankland this week on Analyzing new ideas from books. The classes will be at 15:30 on Wednesday and at 17:00 on Saturday.

Trainers and students are busy playing, or preparing to play! More to follow on the next email! Go to the forum and tell us when and where, so that we can follow you!

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