Bloody Christmas Camp + Blitz and Bullet Championships 2021

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Apologies for not including in this very large newsletter what you’ve been up to, it’s already a very long email! Write your news on the forum, tell us how your games are going and what are your plans for the end of 2021. It’s the final month in a wacky year, and Nikos Ntirlis will be presenting you Wacky Openings, 3-5 December!

Bloody Christmas Camp 2021, 22 December 2021 – 2 January 2022
Killer Chess Training is celebrating the end of 2021 with a bang! A 12 day camp of attacking chess with brand new games– including yours!
Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard will take you through the core principles of dynamics and show you how they are relevant in the games of grandmasters and in your games.
The core principles are:
Including all the pieces in the Attack
Colour schemes
Quality over numerical strength
Attack the weakest square
Attack the strongest square
The Killzone
Every day we will have 1-hour class, which is free to all members of KillerChessTraining.com. This will be followed by a 3 hour in-depth class with the campers. Thus, the full camp will be close to 50 hours of high-quality interactive training.
If you sign up for the in-depth camp, you will be able to keep streaming access through www.killerchesstraining.com, as well as accessing the games from the camp through www.chesstempo.com. (Guaranteed 12 months access – but no intentions of taking them down).
We will have a playing position simul on LiChess towards the end of the camp, where you will get a chance to test your skills.
Spend the holiday season with a top trainer and improve your attacking play.
The price for members of the Killer Chess Training Academy is €149.
The price for non-members is €298, which includes a month’s membership to start at your convenience, as long as it overlaps fully the camp.

Games submitted for inclusion to the camp has to be sent by the 15th of December to be guaranteed to be included in PGN format.

Finally, it is time for our blitz championship (3m+2s)!

The tournament will start with 6 heats, where you will be able to pick up points. As with our rapid Championship in the spring of 2021, there will be two categories, under 2100 and open. It will be possible for players to qualify for both sections at the same time.

As in the past, we will have a point system with 20, 15, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 point available. If there are less than 15 players, the top points awarded will be 15. If there are less than 12, it will be 10.

Only the three best results will count. If the score between two players is even, the fourth-best result will count. Otherwise, it will be the highest result.

We will do our best and release a provisional standing after each heat. If we make mistakes, point them out, and we will correct the results.

The heats will be played as 9 round tournaments on LiChess.org.
To participate, you have to seek to join our designated team: Killer Chess Training Internal Tournaments.

Your application will have to have the following information:

Full name
Membership email
FIDE rating 1st December 2021

Without this information, your application will be rejected. Apply in good time to avoid disappointment. Once admitted to the team, you will be allowed to play both Championships. You will not have to play all tournaments, but please, do not enter the tournament until the day it is played. Too often people have no opponent in the first round because their opponents forgot they were doing something else!

8 players will qualify for each section. KCT is allowed to provide up to three wild cards, in which case players qualifying as 8, 7 and 6 would get one extra match.

The matches have to be organised between the players and have to be played within 7 days. We have to be informed of the timing of the match asap. If the match is not played on time, we will deal with it in a way that seems fair to us.

The six heats will be played at:

12th Dec 4pm UK time
18th Dec 3am UK time
18th Dec 3pm UK time
9th Jan 6pm UK time
15th Jan 9am UK time
16th Jan 1pm UK time

Then follows the knock-out matches. These are played over 8 games until a winner has been found. If the match is tied, more games are played, until one player is leading. The match can end in an odd number of games. The draw of lots for the first game is done by LiChess.

The wild card matches have to be finished by the 23rd January
Quarter-finals have to be finished by the 30th January
Semi-finals have to be finished by the 6th February
Finals will hopefully be played simultaneously on the 12th February

The KCT Bullet Championship

Our bullet championship (1m+1s) will be played in January/February

The rules are the same as above, except only 4 players will qualify and there will be 11 rounds in the heats.

The 4 heats will take place on:

8th January 4pm UK time
9th Jan 9am UK time
15th Jan 6pm UK time
23rd Jan 1pm UK time

Then follows the knock-out matches. These are played over 8 games until a winner has been found. If the match is tied, more games are played, until one player is leading. The match can end in an odd number of games. The draw of lots for the first game is done by LiChess.

The semi-finals have to be played 30th January
The final can be played on the 12th February – but if either player desired it, it can be played before.

There are no prizes in the tournament, as we do not want to tempt anyone to cheat. If there are any suspicion of cheating, it will be dealt with discreetly. But honestly, don’t do it… It will be embarrassing for all. And we can tell. We are smart people and chess professionals.

A full list of the tournaments can be seen here: https://lichess.org/team/killer-chess-training-internal-tournaments/tournaments

We hope you will enjoy what we have prepared for you!

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,
Jacob, Sam, and Kallia

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