Michael Adams, Iván Salgado López and other news!

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If you have the time, we would strongly recommend that you give our newest lecturer a warm welcome tomorrow, Thursday 21st at 16.00 London time. Michael Adams will give his first lesson in a lecture series called:

Strategic Considerations

Michael Adams takes you through his thought process by looking at his own games.

Adams is a perennial at the top of the chess World. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, he was one of the best players in the World, losing the final of the 1998 World Championship Qualifier Final to Anand (a precursor of the World Cup) and the 2003 World Championship Final to Kasimdzhanov. He also participated in the 2005 World Championship Tournament in St Luis, Argentina, won by Topalov.

Today he remains an active player and is one of only two senior players over 2700. The other one is Anand.  We feel very lucky to have him as a lecturer at Killer Chess Training.

Mistakes Masters never make

Join GM Iván Salgado López for the two last weekends of October and learn about the mistakes that Masters never make!

Latvia has ordered four weeks of lockdown to begin on the 21st of October. This is important for chess, as the Grand Swiss will start in Riga on the 27th of October. Apparently, FIDE has requested and had approved special permission for the event to go ahead despite the lockdown. Once again, FIDE hosts the World Championship cycle in contradiction with Covid lockdowns. It was certainly no success with the Candidates 2020/21, let’s hope there will not be a scandal in this event… KCT Member Hans Niemann will play in the tournament. We wish him all the best…

Most of our trainers have been in action.

Sam Shankland played poorly in the US Championship, his 7th tournament in a row. Too much!

Alexander Motylev played excellently in the Russian Championship, finishing today. With 5/10 he is already guaranteed a rating gain. Not bad for the oldest player in the event.

Adams played in the Bundesliga and did fine.

Cheparinov after winning the team league in Croatia, he drew in the Spanish league against David Anton and his team Magic Extremadura secured 4th place.

Ivan Salgado played in the Spanish League and drew Eljanov.

Julen had a good run 3/5 in the Spanish League.

Sabino has been playing in Greece and Italy.

Jacob played an open in La Nucia in Spain and was leading briefly with 5½/7. Very briefly indeed. Other games of the 7th round were not yet finished! Being tired, he lost the last two games like a child…

Renier got married! We are working on getting his wife to do Thinking Aloud instead of him… After getting this out of the way, he will be back for more classes in the very near future.

We have members playing in the Spice Cup in the US. Doug Eckert, Ryo Chen, Christopher Yoo and probably more… We are struggling to find the list of participants!

Andre Sousa drew his game for the Spanish League.

Jacob Sylvan is leading the Danish Championships B-group with 2/2.

Shahil is playing in Bangladesh, Peter played at Castle Chess, coming second with 4/5.

Aaron took pride in the fact that he found the right moves over the board and Julen, Renier, and Homework Club can take the blame for that 🙂

Paul had a very interesting game in Parks Open, as he shared on the forum and he finished the tournament with 3½/5.

Dalton played the Las Vegas Open, scoring 6/9 and he shared his games here

A rapid tournament this Sunday at 18:00, join here.

Kallia added a new feature yesterday on the timetable.
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