Hi guys!
Autumn is upon us and with it comes a lot of chess. We have seen a small reduction in homework submissions, mainly because of people playing chess. Lovely! Remember to get back to the homework after the tournament guys!
Homeworks for week 52 are now up. The same is the most recent position of the week (number 20) on our YouTube Channel.
We hope you enjoyed the Opening Trends Camp 2021 with Sam Shankland and Ivan Salgado. 16 hours of top instruction, available to watch on repeat for the next two weeks or so (if you missed it).
After our Opening Trends Camp (free for members), comes the weekend we were worried about for a long time. EVERYONE is playing. Almost. Peter will do the u1700 classes, but otherwise, it will be a quiet weekend. Please go to the forum and vote for the autumn timing of the u1700 classes.
Down the line we have some wonderful things coming. From the 21st of October, we have a new course called STRATEGIC CONSIDERATIONS with World Championship finalist GM Michael Adams. We also have a FUNDAMENTALS four-day camp 14-17th with Jacob Aagaard on using the three questions. This camp will also be free for members. Towards the end of the month, the weekends will be full with Ivan Salgado and his creative classes.
Recent results
Ashley Pang (14) won the California Women’s Championship with 4½/5.
Dalton Perrine had a big result in Las Vegas Open and defeated GM Nyzhnyk along the way, visit the forum for more information and the pgn file. Bryan Xie and Ryo Chen also played and had big results (as usual!).
Your trainer, Ivan Cheparinov played well on board 1 in the 1st Croatian League gaining a few rating points. Our member Petra Kejžar played in the women’s team Championship there and she got 7/9 on the first board, her second wIM norm and she finally became a wFM. Petra is also a full-time student at the university!
Mayank told us that he played 3 events and went from 1850 approximately to 2150. As he did not put the information on the Forum, it is lost in the Zoom chat 😊. (update: he did! Follow the link for the results)
In the Spanish League, you will find players such as Ivan Salgado, Julen Arizmendi, and Andre Sousa from the academy. And probably a few others!
Michael Adams and no doubt a few members will play in the Bundesliga, starting in a few days.
Sam Shankland will play in the US Championship. A 2680 average-rated tournament, where he is the 4th seed. Those looking for Nakamura and Aronian will have to look at the Grand Swiss in Riga. But Caruana, So and Dominguez are all playing.
Jacob Aagaard will be playing an open outside Alicante, in La Nucia. See here.
Paul Dargan shared an interesting game from a recent tournament on the Forum. Find it here.

Peter Dove keeps improving; he came clear 2nd at a tournament with 4½/6 – could have won too, an exchange up but in time pressure and he had to accept a draw as he didn’t have enough time to calculate/plan a solution. 
We hope you are happy and will have the chance to play lots of chess. Share your results on the Forum! We are very happy to see how you are doing.
Your friends at Killer Chess Training,
Kallia, Sam and Jacob

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