Norms and more

Hello everyone,

Just a very quick email to all of you with some very exciting news!

Christopher earned his 2nd GM norm.
Andre is leading the Portuguese Championship with 5/6.
Shahil won the AICF North -Eastern States Chess Championship 2021 with 10/11.
Hans is playing in the Serbian League.
Robert and Matan played the Charlotte Labor Day – IM-D; Robert won it with 7,5/9 and earned his 3rd IM norm. He will get the title once he crosses 2400. Matan won 27 rating points at the same group!
Yahli scored 7/11, Andre 6/11 and Jacob 5/11 at the European Championship.
Alexander and Murzin participated in the RAPID Grand Prix of Russia.

European Club Cup is coming up. Sam and probably other members will be playing.
Send us photos if you meet up in various tournaments and let us know about how your tournaments are going in the forum or on social media!

Killer Openings tomorrow with GM Jacob Aagaard at 12:00, under1800 tournament organised by GM Ivan Salgado Lopez, 4 hours with Alexander Motylev, a class with Sam Shankland, under1700 with Peter Long and of course, Homework Club are organised for this week! Check out our website for the latest news!

Many congratulations to Aradhya! He won the Bullet tournament today with 6.5/7 while celebrating his 21st birthday!

Enjoy your time playing chess and attending the classes!

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,
Sam, Jacob, and Kallia

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