Killer Chess Training Newsletter 3rd August 2021

We hope you are doing well and that a lot of you are playing chess this summer! But please remember to take care and look after yourselves.

Tiger Hillarp Persson’s camp on Creativity in Chess was awesome is the feedback and for those of you who missed it, the ten-hour camp is still available to watch for the next two and a half weeks.

On Friday we will start the second double weekend camp of the summer. This time with Nikos Ntirlis on English Middlegame Strategies, based on his forthcoming book for Quality Chess.

Homework Club is continuing and so should you. Long-term improvement comes from long-term effort. Look at the results of Sam, Doug, and Jonas this week. All are good at solving their homework. Homeworks for week 43 are now uploaded.

Jacob Teaches Renier the Endgame will continue on Thursday. Renier’s homework is now uploaded.

Don’t miss Ivan Cheparinov’s class, tomorrow at 9:30 UK time! As you might remember, for omorrow, we had planned for two sessions; one in the morning with GM Ivan Cheparinov, going through his latest tournaments, including the World Cup games, and one in the evening with GM Iván Salgado López, going through some more Theoretical Trends at the World Cup . But Salgado’s internet is not working in Greece, so we have to cancel that class.

Yesterday we had a simul in the Spanish Opening with Sabino. Although we had warned that you had to show up in advance and that once started, players could not be added to the simul, a few showed up later than the five minutes late the simul started. A disappointment we would have wished for you to be without. We will soon get back to organise regular simul and playing positions, but they will start on time and you have to arrive a few minutes early to participate. This is beyond what has been promised as a part of the membership and we think we can demand from you that you show up on time to take advantage of these opportunities.

Members in Action
Sam Shankland was eliminated by the tiniest of margins in the World Cup Quarter Final by Sergey Karjakin. Karjakin is now in the final, where he is the favourite against Duda from Poland, who finished second behind Sam in Prague in June.
At 2720, Sam is now no. 25 in the World if you discount Wang Hao, who announced his retirement after the Candidates tournament in March.

Jonas Rosner won the German Championship. He was seeded 8th and scored a phenomenal 7/9. It should be said that there also was a 10 player all-play-all tournament called German Masters, which had the top ten players in the country playing. Hopefully, Jonas will get an invitation to the top group next year.

Doug Eckert stormed through the US Open Senior Championship by winning against GM Benjamin Finegold and a lot of 2300 level players and a draw against another GM. Unfortunately, he lost the game in the last round, but Doug is still winning around 50 rating points! Doug got third place ahead of many IMs and GMs.

Shahil and Manish are playing endless round-robin tournaments in Hungary. Manish was half a point of the GM-norm in the previous tournament, but their progress seems to have stalled. We do not believe playing chess endlessly will lead to considerable improvement or much else than tiredness. We hope to be proven wrong! But also hope these talented boys will soon get time to study and improve again.

In the 100th Irish Chess Championship, Tarun and Trisha did in fact play, as Brendan predicted. Tarun sacrificed a piece for a winning attack, but somehow confused himself at the end in a winning position and went for a perpetual. Both have 2.5/4 and they are 10th and 11th and Brendan has 1.5/4, 24th among 36 players.

Position of the Week
Position of the week 15 is now uploaded on YouTube with Positional draw and mutual zugzwang explained .

As always, for anything you need, just visit the forum, or reply to this email.

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,
Jacob, Kallia and Sam

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