Spanish Opening Simul with Sabino

Today at 14.00 London time, GM Sabino Brunello will host a simul in the Spanish Opening for you on our simul account on Lichess.

Sabino sends the following message:

“Hello everybody, you can join my practice simul and try your repertoire against me. I will be playing with black and testing a few different lines. If you studied carefully, I’ll be in trouble!”

You can join the simul by joining our simul team. Please note: ONLY JOIN IF YOU ARE ABLE TO PLAY TODAY. We will kick all out of the team after the simul. Joining the team is the same as signing up for the simul.

You can join the simul here. Please join in good time. https://lichess.org/team/killer-chess-training-simul

After the simul, Sabino will host a class at 4pm London, going through the games from the simul.

Good luck!

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,
Sam, Kallia and Jacob

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