Killer Chess Training Newsletter 27th July 2021

Hope you are all doing well and will have the chance to play chess in safe and pleasant surroundings.

Homework for the week the 3rd of August is uploaded, Killer homework here and Friendly homework here.  

Position of the week 14 with GM Jacob Aagaard is released on our YouTube Channel and you can find the link here. A thank you to our member, Sam Collins for giving this position to Jacob.

New members’ meeting on Saturday 31st of July, at 18:30 UK (London) time.

Members in action

Boris Dimitrijeski won the Swiss Roll Treat on Sunday morning with 5½ of 6. The tournament was preparation for those of our members playing in the Indian National Online.

Sam Shankland qualified for the World Cup Quarterfinals, where he will play Karjakin, the winner of today’s play-off against Vachier-Lagrave. Sam is now no. 27 in the World.

Christopher Yoo finished 7th in the US Junior Championship with 4/9, an average result. He was the only player to win against the Champion, our friend Hans Niemann.

Jacob Sylvan played in a tournament in the Czech Republic and did not do that well. The main issue seemed to be underrated juniors. He should go to India and play a tournament if he wants to build on this experience.

Kavin Venkatesan will be playing in the 100th Irish Championship (OTB) between 31st July and 8th Aug 2021and the FIDE online Cadets and Youth world cup in U14 section.

Ashley, Arshiya and Elizabeth will also be playing the FIDE online Cadets and Youth world cup.

Shahil is not having a good tournament, but Manish is second with 5.5/8 and gaining 24 rating points so far! If he wins tomorrow, it will be a GM norm! Here is the link for their tournament.

Andre’s team came third in the Portuguese league and today he won another game, having a 6.5/9 overall at the tournament and winning 15.2 rating points!

Peter Thorsbro and Nicolai Kistrup played the same tournament and both scored above the expected score; an excellent result for improving players.

We have a number of members playing in the 121st Annual U. S. Open Chess Championship.

Good luck to everyone playing! Share on the forum your next tournaments, your results, your games!

Homework Club reminder

Do you want some of the success of Sam Shankland? Obviously, he has great openings and a knows his endgame theory. But a lot of his strength comes from solving 1000s of exercises from the Homework Club sheets, and their precursors. Not similar to, but the same exercises. Hans Niemann told us that he has worked had on Jacob’s Grandmaster Preparation series the last year and as a result got the GM-title, won 100 rating points and will play the 2022 US Championship. Other exercise books are great too! You don’t have to invest in more material. As a member of KCT you can solve Homework Club every week and get personal feedback.

Although each member is only allowed to submit one homework each week, a number of members are solving both homework and getting the benefits.

Current classes

Jacob Teaches Renier the Endgame will return on Thursday the 29th July. There will be homework for the class the following week. The class will continue to be on Thursdays as long as we have weekend camps.

This weekend we have the second and last weekend of the camp with Tiger Hillarp Persson on Creativity. The feedback we have received from the first one has been great. Watch it while you have the chance!

The Killer Openings series on the Ruy Lopez has come to an end. On Monday there will be a chance to play a simul game against GM Sabino Brunello in the Spanish. Afterwards, all the games will receive a brief investigation in a class. Please download the pgn files in the next three weeks.

Ivan Cheparinov is returning to classes in August and Julen will be doing practice sessions from themes of his old courses.

The next topic of Killer Openings will be a Nimzo-Indian Repertoire for Black, after receiving 60% of the votes. Thank you for participating!

As always, for anything you need, just visit the forum, or reply to this email.

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,

Jacob, Kallia and Sam

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