Newsletter 2 June 2021, New Camp for June

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Strategic Techniques: Online Chess Training Camp

We are organising a new online chess training camp for 24 to 27 of June. GM Sam Shankland, GM Jacob Aagaard and GM Julen Arizmendi will go in-depth at the Shankland Rule, the Three Questions, Strategic Balance and Favourable Exchanges.

Members of Killer Chess Training: €125
Non-members: €274 (includes one months’ trial membership, we will add the membership to your account after you buy the camp)
Very special offer: yearly subscription and camp from €874 only €749! Just buy a yearly subscription at €749 and we will add the camp to your account!

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Members in action

In the Memorial Day 2021 CCCSA GM/IM Norm Invitational, Christopher Yoo made his first GM norm (6.5/9) in the GM Group, while Doug scored 4/9 and Matan 3/9 in the IM Group. You can see the games from both tournaments here.

Manish and Shahil were both participating in a GM tournament in Hungary. In the last round it was a fighting draw; Manish found a nice Rook sacrifice and forced a perpetual. Shahil finished at 4.5/9 and Manish 3.5/9. Mishra was 6/9. Almost there! All three are having another go at it.

Max held the draw against Henriquez Villagra in the American Hybrid World Cup Qualifier but did not qualify after all.

Jonathan Blackburn did not submit homework this week! He is forgiven though since he won the Welsh Championship. You can see his forum post here, describing how he was hearing Jacobs voice saying ‘what are the options?’

Send us links or information if you are playing a tournament. Your friends in the academy will be routing for you!

Trainers in action

Four of our trainers played the European Hybrid. Cheparinov and Motylev qualified, Salgado and Brunello did not. Follow the tournament here.

Banter Blitz Cup!

Jan-Krzysztof Duda vs Sabino Brunello match is scheduled for 4th of June, live commentary here. The winner will face the winner of the GM Sam Shankland – Sanal Vahap couple, scheduled for the same day. We will know the winner of Group A on Sunday.

Trivia: GM Jacob Aagaard has trained 4 out of the 8 GMs in the photo in the last 26 months (but not Sabino!).


You asked for it. We provided it!

We have a guided study group for players rated over 2150. It is an exclusive course with a maximum of 10 participants and a fee of €149 for members and €298 for non-members, with a cut-off date of 7th of June with GM Sam Shankland and GM Sabino Brunello. See more here.

Under 1700 Workgroup classes with Peter Long continue.

Sunday Tournament

We continue to have tournaments on Sundays. Can you beat Sam Shankland? Sunday at 19:30. As always, invite your friends to join!


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Your friends at Killer Chess Training,
Sam, Jacob and Kallia

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