Jacob and Jacob in action

Monday the 17th GM Jacob Aagaard was playing in the quarterfinal of the Danish Speed Chess Championship. Jacob qualified for the event, where seven players were invited in advance, for the 8th and final spot. In the first round he played GM Mads Andersen, the defending Danish Champion. In 5+1 he did OK, losing 5-4, after a horrible blunder in an endgame two pawns up.
In 3+1 and 1+1 he picked up a few points and a confirmation that bullet is for the young…

Also in Denmark, IM Jacob Sylvan participated in the first Danish tournament for more than a year (14th-16th May). With two draws and three wins, he shared first place. His best win was against GM Jonas Bjerre in round 2.
See results here: https://turnering.skak.dk/TournamentActive/Details?tourId=26544
and games here: https://view.livechesscloud.com/#f674b265-d730-4546-a3d5-e36e1e4f3bdb

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