We have been challenged!

The Greek Chess Academy Sykeon-Neapolis has challenged us to a friendly match on Sunday 23rd. It will take place in the team battle format on lichess. We are seeking players rated between 1500 and 2000 to participate. The timing will be at 13:30 pm London time and will take about 3 hours to play. The time control will be 10m + 5s.

Their academy trainers have requested that we give them a good trashing. This does not mean that Kushal should sign up (so underrated it is not fun), but that you should not hold back at all.

The first 8 to sign up will represent the academy in this epic fight for glory. Please do not sign up if you are unsure you can make it; and if you find out you have to withdraw, let Kallia know asap (just send her an email or contact her on Facebook) and she will get someone from the waiting list (hopefully there will be one) as a replacement.

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