Killer Chess Training – Newsletter 12th May 2021

Killer Chess Training – Newsletter 12th May 2021

Volodar Murzin finished on 4.7/7 in the Russian Higher League Team Championship and will now be rated 2500 on the June list if our calculation is not entirely off.

Today we created the link and put it on the website two hours before the class. Within minutes three people had clicked on it. Please know that joining the class two hours early will not make it safer for you to join, but will create the situation where the link has been changed (Zoom still have problems) and you will be left in the dust. The recommendation is to try to join the class 5 minutes early, if you want to be on the safe side.

Our friend, and yours, GM Alexander Motylev was planning on giving a two hour class about the Russian Team Championship on Thursday, but he got the flu, so he needs time to recover. Sam will be taking the lecture instead, same time.

Sabino played all his games in a room with no windows and barely any light in the online Mitropa cup, but he was not distracted!

Kallia will be sending out a survey later to “members only” later today. Please give us your feedback as it will impact how we plan for improvements to the academy going forward.

For the under 1700 members for the academy, we have added some extra classes, on top of what we have been doing. So, this weekend, please join Peter Long for an exclusive four hour camp, completely free for those under 1700. Those of you that wish to participate, please send Peter your games asap. You will find details on the course page.

On Sunday we had the Introduction lesson to Jacob Teaches Renier the Endgame. For episode 1 on Sunday, Renier has homework. If you want to look at it yourself (sorry, no submission and feedback for this one) in advance of the lesson, you can find it in the course page. The next lesson is on Sunday 5pm UK time.

Also on Sunday, we will have a 2+1 bullet tournament at 18:30 London Time. Please only sign up for the tournament on the day. Go to https://lichess.org/tournament/pAAgN77x to participate.

If you are Premium Members of Chess24, you have the chance to vote for Sam to play one of the Carlsen tour events here.

Your friends at Killer Chess Training,
Kallia, Sam and Jacob

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