May Camp – Opening Preparation

The chess scene is starting to pick up again slowly. Hopefully, you have your eye on a tournament in months ahead! In the last camp, we looked at how to work on your own games and learn from them. In this camp we will turn our focus to tournament preparation.

This camp will be led by GM Sam Shankland, the 2018 US Champion and former second for Magnus Carlsen for the 2016 World Championship Match, with valuable contributions from GM Jacob Aagaard, renowned theoretician Nikos Ntirlis and IM Renier Castellanos.

Each day the first hour will be free for members of www.killerchesstraining.com, while an in-depth session of three hours will follow for those who have purchased access to this part of the camp.

Specific questions to the trainers can be sent in advance.

The price for participating in the camp is:

Members of Killer Chess Training: €99
Non-members: €249 (includes one months’ trial membership)
Very special offer: yearly subscription and camp from €848 only €749! Just buy a yearly subscription at €749 and we will add the camp to your account!

The classes will all be recorded and available for streaming for a guaranteed 12 months after the course. The in-depth classes will not be offered for purchase later.

The schedule is as follows. All timings according to London time zone.

Day 1 – Theme: The element of surprise/Learning new lines for a game
Friday 30th April 16.30-17.30 Sam Shankland
Friday 30th April 17.45-19.15 Jacob Aagaard
Friday 30th April 19.30-21.00 Jacob Aagaard

Day 2 – Theme: Preparing for specific opponents/Using Computers
Saturday 1st May 16.30-17.30 Sam Shankland
Saturday 1st May 17.45-19.15 Nikos Ntirlis
Saturday 1st May 19.30-21.00 Nikos Ntirlis

Day 3 – Theme: Polishing your repertoire before a tournament
Sunday 2nd May 16.30-17.30 Sam Shankland
Sunday 2nd May 17.45-19.15 Renier Castellanos
Sunday 2nd May 19.30-21.00 Renier Castellanos

Day 4 – Theme: Experiences at the top
Monday 3rd May 16.30-17.30 Sam Shankland
Monday 3rd May 17.45-19.15 Sam Shankland
Monday 3rd May 19.30-21.00 Sam Shankland

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