Long play Academy Tournaments

Dear friends,

A number of you have expressed an interest at various points for us to have tournaments with longer time controls. Especially now, where we are still awaiting the return of OTB tournaments in full – and may have to for some time – it is worth exploring this idea further.

Thus, I would like to create some small 4-6 player box tournaments with a time control of 75+30s. The idea would be to collect groups of evenly rated players and give them a chance to play each other. As usual for tournaments in our academy, there are no prices and rewards and no incitement to cheating. This is simply a format that allows us to do have training games in a slightly competitive environment.

The tournament feature on LiChess is not well built for this format, so the players would be required to match each other at pre-arranged times. There will be obvious complications, with time zone differences and finding timings that work for everybody. Thus, it will be imperative that all games are organised as quickly as possible.

Results can be posted on the relative thread for each tournament on the forum. PGNs and analysis of the games also, if you wish so.

In some cases, we will assess the rating of a few individuals, based on our knowledge of them. As this is not FIDE rated games, this should be in the interest of fairness.

Cheating regulations: We have to rely on self-policing. We do not have any form of anti-cheating measurements. The following is not allowed:

• Discussing the game with others during the game
• Using chess engines
• Looking in any type of chess book, opening, endgame, whatever
• Moving the pieces on a chess board in the form of analysis (it is however allowed to track the game on a board and use it for thinking. We encourage it!)
• Being disrespectful or abusive of the opponent for whatever reason

We strongly encourage the players to discuss the games after they were played and to analyse them on their own. Use the games as a chance to learn. If you want to learn more about how to work on your own games, please register for the Easter Camp here.

Please register to play for the period of 15th April to 31st May by the 10th April here.

As with a lot of other things we do, this is the first time, so please have patience and understand that we are learning how to organise this and simply want to help.

For anything you need to ask, I am always at your disposal either via email or on the Facebook and Instagram page.

Kallia Kleisarchaki

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