Knock-Out Timings & Results

Please, everyone, organise your matches as quickly as you can. Set a time and send it to me. I will continuously update the image below in this post. Contact your opponents via the Lichess message box. See games below: Shahil vs. LE https://lichess.org/Y3e2mFY3 https://lichess.org/B6Cc2wQS Doug vs Jacob https://lichess.org/mxgNqrfRIlo1 https://lichess.org/mxgNqrfRIlo1 https://lichess.org/bCGIy3NbGTcv https://lichess.org/FHtMxn1ko0Ru Aradhya vs Jonas https://lichess.org/HGt08n4mUMpM […]

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