Simul on Saturday with Ivan Cheparinov

Just a reminder that on Saturday, we will host a simul with GM Ivan Cheparinov on lichess.org. Signing up is done by joining this team:


When you click on join team, an automated join message comes up. You HAVE TO write your name and membership email in it. We don’t remember who is currently a member and do not want to check everyone, when you already know the answer.

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO FOLLOW THIS INSTRUCTION, I WILL SIMPLE DENY YOUR REQUEST. Not because I get emotional, but because if you don’t care enough to follow a simple instruction, I don’t care enough to organise and pay for events that are not a part of your membership. I think that’s fair 🙂

I hope you will have a great time. As always, our google calendar gives you the best timings and is updated first whenever something changes. Apparently the simul is 4pm London on Saturday…


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