Shahil makes maiden IM-norm

Shahil Dey, our student of the year because of his dedication to following the classes live and catching whatever he did not see later, and for being first to hand in homework each week, is finally playing chess again! He is participating in three tournaments in Serbia. In the first tournament, he made 5.5/9 and his first IM-norm. He also won 24 rating points and reached the required 2400 for the IM title.

In the second tournament, he started with 2/2 and has so far won 14 rating points. Hopefully he will continue to play well.

Shahil comes from the remote Indian region of Assam, where I met him in December 2017, when he was only 11. Already then his talent was obvious, but he needed opportunities. I sponsored his family a few hundred dollars so he could play a tournament and others helped out as well. Since then he has moved to Kolkata and gotten an IM personal trainer.

In 2018 he participated in a camp I gave in Chennai, where I lost to him in blitz. Not blundering or losing on time or anything. No, I just lost. Since I won some games against him too, but the incredible leap in strength was apparent.

I personally look forward to follow Shahil in the years to come, as he becomes a Grandmaster and a regular on the European tournament circuit.

Follow his tournaments here:

First tournament, Second tournament and Third tournament.

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