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This will be a quick rundown of everything that’s happening. Below you will find information about the following:

Playing Positions on 13th February
The Club Championship
Learning from your own games – 5 day Easter Camp

First up, we have about 55 classes in February. This is almost 2 per day; more than 60 hours, making the cost of the classes<1€. We will not have as many classes in March, so make sure you make the most of it while it happens! Also, please note that a lot of series’ will finish in March, so make sure you catch up on everything you want to watch without buying to own…

Playing Positions

We will have a Playing Position on Saturday 13th February at 2 pm London. You will be able to participate in a simul against GM Jacob Aagaard, from a fixed starting position. At 4.30 pm there will be a possibility to participate in the meeting for those who played to go over the position and the games. Others, please do not crash the party. We will limit the participation to the first 16 people who enroll.
Enroll by signing up to the Killer Chess Training Simuls team on Lichess.org. https://lichess.org/team/killer-chess-training-simul.
Do not sign up if you are not going to play! If you are signed up and cannot participate, let us know and leave the team.
In order to be allowed in, you need to give your membership email and your name, and the word Playing Position.

Simul with GM Cheparinov

On the 27th February at 4pm London time, we will organise a simul against Bulgarian Ace, Ivan Cheparinov. Enrolment starts from the 14th February. The maximum number of participants will be held to 20.
Do not sign up if you are not going to play! If you are signed up and cannot participate, let us know and leave the team.
In order to be allowed in, you need to give your membership email and your name and the word Playing Position.

The Club Championship

After a lot of thinking and planning, we are ready to reveal the rules and timings for the club Championship 2021.

There will be two Champions. The Club Champion and the u2100 Champion. The FIDE rating on the 1st February 2021 will be used.
It is perfectly possible for an u2100 player to qualify for the knock-out stages in both Championships.
The heats will be played at Lichess.org. Enroll by signing up for the Killer Chess Training Internal Tournaments on Lichess.org https://lichess.org/team/killer-chess-training-internal-tournaments.
The Qualification Stage
There will be six tournaments of each six rounds. In each tournament, there will be points for the top 10 participants in each category. They will be:
1st place            20pt
2nd place           15pt
3rd place             10pt
4th place              8pt
5th place              6pt
6th place              5pt
7th place              4pt
8th place              3pt
9th place              2pt
10th place            1pt
The best two results will be used for placement. Yes, you will be rewarded for playing as much as possible!
There is a limitation of the points though if there are less than 10 participants, the top points fall away. So if there are 9 participants, the top point is 15. If 8, the top point is 10. And so forth.
1st tie-break       3rd best result
2nd tie-break     4th best result – if both have played 4 tournaments
3rd tie-break       5th best result – if both have played 4 tournaments
4th tie-break       6th best result – if both have played 4 tournaments
5th tie-break       Highest placement in a single tournament, then second-highest and so forth.
Final tie-break    Draw of lots.
You can find the tournament list here: https://lichess.org/team/killer-chess-training-internal-tournaments/tournaments

The Knock-out Matches

 The Killer Chess Training Management have the right to hand out two wild cards in the Championship.
The matches are scheduled by mutual agreement with a fixed last change. If no agreement can be found, the tournament directors (Jacob and Kallia) can impose a time. The tournament directors are
The matches consist of two games of 15 minutes + 10 seconds per move. The higher ranked player (according to the qualification heats) will have White in the first game.
In the case of a 1-1 draw, there shall be played blitz games with the time control 5 minutes + 3 seconds per move. The higher ranked player shall be White in games 1, 3, 5, 7, and so forth. The first decisive game clinches the win.
Finals have to take place on the 27th March for u2100 and 28th March for the Championship. The final will be 4 games and then go to tie-breaks similar to the previous matches.
Regarding rating: We will be asking everyone to give us their name and rating once signed up. Please help us out.
In order to be allowed in, you need to give your membership email and your name.
You need to be an active member of the academy at least until the 1st of April to participate. If your membership ends before or during the tournament, you cannot enter.

The next thing is all about YOUR games!

Work on and learn from your own games Camp 1-5th April

In the long Easter Weekend, Thursday – Monday, 1st to 5th April, we will conduct a five-day camp on working on your own games. Each day there will be one hour with your head coach, GM Julen Arizmendi Martinez, which will be available to all members of Killer Chess Training.
Then there will be three hours of in-depth sessions with guest trainers. This will include your Academy coaches, and potentially a guest or two. More information to follow!

If you choose to participate in the in-depth online chess camp, these are the rates:
Members:                      €99
Non-members:              €249 – Includes a monthly membership for www.killerchesstraining.com

Secure your place in the camp now!

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