Finally, the long planned Fundamentals Course is available on the site. By available, I mean, I have started posting videos. So far I have posted 4, of different length, and we have the three brilliant lessons on engines presented by John Hartmann.

It is my intention that over time the Fundamentals will contain somewhere around 100 videos. Some of them will be short, 5-10 minute videos explaining a concept. Some of them will be longer, if I decide to go deeper with the concept.

The core idea of the Fundamentals is that all have a place to go and see answer to questions such as, “What is a weakness?”, “What is a critical line?”. The first is not answered yet, but the second is.

In time we will move the Fundamentals videos to a different location on the website, giving it more structure, but at the moment, you will find it at the very end of the section of videos Free for subscribers.

I will continue to do small videos for this without a strong plan or schedule. This is NOT promised as a part of your membership, but none the less, it is freely available at all times for yearly members. I have a long list of small topics I want to cover, and I am sure that your questions will lead to more topics. But it will likely take a year or more before the course will look “complete”.

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