Student of the Year 2020

Dear friends,

I had planned to come with a longer update today, but a full newsletter will have to wait a few days for non-chess related reasons.

But we had promised to announce the “Student of the Year” for 2020 today and I shall absolutely do so. Congratulations to Shahil Dey, who attended almost all of my live lessons and those of the other trainers throughout 2020 and who almost always was first to hand in the homework.

Shahil will over February take part in three tournaments in Belgrade. The links to the results can be found here:

First tournament, Second tournament and Third tournament.

Shahil is 14 years old, rated 2376. In our opinion it will be a simple question of effort and opportunity before Shahil will turn his passion for the game into Grandmaster norms.

We also have a second category, the Member of the Year – for students rated less than 2000. To represent the diversity in the Academy, we have chosen Jeremy Hart, aged 57 and rated 1900. He joined on a whim a year ago and has worked consistently throughout the year, showing clear improvement in the suggestions in class and the homework submissions.

We very much look forward to seeing Jeremy back at the board again!

Both winners are awarded six Quality Chess books of their choice on the Forward Chess app. Thank you to Quality Chess for sponsoring.

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