Weekly tournaments

By popular demand, we are going to host tournaments weekly on lichess. I am not going to restrict them. I will use it as an outreach to others so we can get the word out about our academy. More members will mean more classes and that we can pay our lecturers better.

The link to Sunday is this: https://lichess.org/swiss/URylpxbk
Please if you sign up and cannot make it, withdraw. And even better – sign up on the day.

We will also have some internal tournaments. In February we will have a club championship in rapid format. It will have some tournament where you can accumulate points and then qualify for the 8 places in the knock-out. I will have two wild cards to give out for the last 8 – so those placed 5-8 will have to play a 1/8 match to face the wild cards in the 1/4 final.

There will be an u2000 (FIDE) section. Top 8 will qualify. I will announce the tournament schedule and point system in the near future.

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