Security updates

Dear Academy Students,

As I am sure many of you have noticed, the Internet worldwide is having problems in the past days. Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft.

Due to those difficulties, our friends from India faced problems logging in during the weekend, we managed to resolve this. It was a regional problem that did not affect people from other countries logging in, as far as we know.

In our Academy, we have been actively trying to stay ahead. We added new security updates and more layers to protect all of us, and that is why from now on you need to activate captcha in order to log in. It takes three extra seconds and it goes a long way regarding security. That is just one of the measures we took.
If however, you are still unable to log in, send us an email with your username, so that we can look at it together.

We are hosted on Amazon and our emails are with them, Google and Microsoft. We get affected by their problems, as everyone else is. If we don’t reply to your email or to the form at the bottom of the page, it is because we never got the message. Leave a comment on the Forum, try the Facebook page or the Facebook group for yearly members.

We hope that these problems with these providers will be resolved soon. We are very happy that none of our classes were affected and we will keep working on improving things on our end.

Speaking of which, please fill in the survey to let us know how you envision this academy to move forward with all of us together.

This is the main reason why you should fill the survey:

We are already having the majority of the classes between the most chosen times, but at the moment, only 25 have responded to these questions!
So, go in and fill the survey!
That’s how we improve the academy with your help!

See you in the class!

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