Update on courses

Hi guys, a quick update on our longer courses.

First of all, we are currently going through an 8 week course in the Killer Openings classes (link here), creating a full repertoire for Black in the Sicilian Najdorf. The teachers are Sabino Brunello, Renier Castellanos and Jacob Aagaard.
Secondly, if you want to catch the courses Attacking the Opponent Effectively by Sabino Brunello (link here) or Technical Rook Endgames by Sam Shankland (link here), you will need to get around to do it now, unless you are willing to support us and the lecturers by buying them to own at a later time.
Thirdly, it is time for new courses. Sam Shankland will be looking at Locked Pawn Structures, Jacob Aagaard will dive into Advanced Calculation (link here), starting out at 3am in the morning London time, taking into consideration that we are trying to spread out the lessons across all time zones.
Many of you will probably be exited about our new lecturer, GM Ivan Cheparinov, who will have a course named What I learned with Veselin Topalov (link here), starting on Wednesday. Ivan got the chance to go and play a few tournaments, so after one introduction lesson, he will take a few weeks’ break before continuing with more lessons.
See you in class!

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